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Here at Origin, we strive to make the best platform for event Organisers. Each one of us is from an events background, so we know what your needs are. That’s why our platform is based on your requests, join our Trello board and vote on the feature you want to see the most. Make sure to join the Trello board to vote below!

Explore Our Features

VAT Exemptions

Running a strictly business only event? Sells your tickets exempt from VAT and have your invoice generated.

Data Capture Fields

Include as many data capture fields as you like, not just questions. Sell, ask, and do whatever you like to your tickets. You’re in control. with Origin Tickets.

Embeddable Event Calander

Embed your entire event calendar on your website. There’s no need to custom build calendar functionality into your site. Paste an iFrame code and have your entire calendar shown easily.

Workshop/Seminar Selection

Hosting various workshops and seminars throughout your event? Easily add a selection to your tickets to make sure nobodies left out.

Google Analytics Integration

Want the most powerful analytical dashboard available, to track who’s buying, where they’re being referred from and so much more? Embed your tickets on your website and track it with Analytics.

Discount Codes

Add event specific discount codes, either reducing a ticket by a percentile or monetary amount for a certain period of time to drive sales.

Custom Start and End Times for Tickets

Want to start and end your early bird ticket on a specfic time and day? Then start standard ticket sales after that? Automate your ticket sales!

Embeddable Tickets

Embed the entire ticket process on your webpage with no directs. Keep 100% of the traffic on your site and make more sales by embeding your tickets by pasting a line of text.

Event Statistics

Check out what ticket is selling the most, what event is selling the most and heaps of other information on your personalised event dashboard.

Social Sharing

We use integrated social media buttons to actively push attendees to share their purchase and the event on social media. Get the word out and make more sales.

Downloadable Guest Lists

With every event you run, you get a downloadable custom CSV file which contains all information collected from your event, to download at anytime.

Absorb or Pass on Fees

Choose whether to pass on fees to your customers or absorb fees yourself.

Multiple Date Events

Does your event run over multiple days? Easily relay multiple day event information to keep customers informed.

Event Images

Make your event as pretty as possible with the ability to add high-resolution imagery to your event page. Sell more by enticing customers with HD photos.

Event Formatting

Make your event page stand out. Include media rich content to make your event as descriptive as possible.

And So Much More

We’re constantly working on new features to make the platform you really want to see

What are you waiting for?