Embedding Your Ticket

The Challenge

Most ticket providers love to steal your traffic. Whether it’s direct to their website or a dodgy branded version of your website. 

At Origin, we hate to see this! Why let the big guys steal your traffic? They are doing this to increase their sales, we don’t like this!

The Solution

Embeddable tickets. A universal embeddable ticket that keeps traffic on your site. Customers viewing a ticket are more likely to stay on your site and purchase another ticket. It’s brandable, responsive, and easy to insert. It’s as easy as embedding a YouTube video.

View the video below to see how to generate yours!

Ticket Sales Boosted By 50%

Mobile Responsive

Fits in with your responsive website, scaleable and no coding required!

Rebuilt To Keep Traffic On Your Site

We hate it when we see big firms redirect you to their website. Keep the traffic and get more people attending your events.

Extensive Demographic Studies

We’ve tracked how well embedding tickets in your site increases sales. One organiser managed to see a 50% rise in ticket sales.

Don’t stop there

Embed your entire libary in a calendar type view.

  • Create an easy calendar for your attendees to know what event is coming next
  • Perfect for event organisers who are hosting more than one event
  • It’s free – there’s no added cost to using this!
  • Customise the colours of the calendar to suit your website
  • Easily added via an iFrame. It’s as easy as adding a YouTube video to your site!

Interested In Trying It out?